Male, human (Aesir), Fighter 7


Deity: The Spirits of War
Init. +6


AC 25, touch 13, flat-footed 23 (armour 11, dex +2, natural +1, deflection +1)
H.P 88 (D.R 3/-)
Fort +9, Ref +5, Wil +3 (
2 to Will saves vs. Fear)


Speed 30ft.
Melee ‘Deathdealer’ (1 Keen Greatsword) +16/9* (4d6+19*) crit. 17-20 x2
Melee M.W Longsword 15/10 1d8+7 crit. 20 x3
Melee MW Gauntlet 14/9 1d3+6
*Power Attack and Vital Strike

Ranged: M.W Mighty Composite Longbow (6) +10/5 (1d?+?)
Space 5ft.; Reach 5ft.
Special Attacks: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave and Vital Strike


Str 22, Dex 12 (14), Con 16, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 7
Base Atk 7/2; CMB 13; CMD 25
Feats: Power Attack -2/
4 (+6 two-handed), Cleave, Great Cleave, Furious Focus, Toughness, Weapon Focus: Greatsword, Weapon Specialisation: Greatsword, Improved Initiative, Vital Strike.
Armour Proficeincy: All and Shields inc. Tower Shields
Weapon Proficiency: All Simple and Martial
Skills: Climb +11*, Intimidate +7, Ride +8*, Survival +7, Swim +7*
*Includes Armour Check Penalty of -3

Hero Points: 0
Destiny Points: 1
Fate Points: 0

Special Abilities: Armour Training 2, Bravery +2, Weapon Training: Heavy Blades +1

Magical Items: ‘Deathdealer’ +1 Keen Greatsword, +2 Adamantine Full-plate, Amulet of Natural Armour +1, Ring of Protection +1, Cloak of Resistance +1. Potions: Cure Light Wounds x8, Cure Moderate Wounds x5, Cure Serious Wounds x1, Fly, Bear’s Endurance, Poison Antidote.

Gear: ‘Arc’ War Horse wearing large chain shirt armour, masterwork backpack, bedroll, quiver with 96 arrows. m.w potion belt, flask of alchemist’s fire x4, antitoxin x2, bladeguard x2, winter blanket, bloodblock x2, crowbar, m.w dagger, m.w lance, everburning torch, explorer’s outfit, healer’s kit, locked gauntlet, m.w heavy steel shield, m.w manacles, belt pouch, 50ft. silk rope, signal horn, whetstone, waterskins x4, trail rations x5 days.

On War horse: Feed x13 days, 10x waterskins, bit & bridle, 3sq. yards of canvas, climber’s kit, bull’s eye lantern, flasks of oil x3, military saddle, saddle bags x2, shovel. + Loots!

Cash: 662.4gp (10,000gp of gold and gems stored in the Royal Treasury in the Royal Palace in Trista)


Name: Steele
Race: Human (of the Aesir Clan of the land of Seven Clans)
Age: 25
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 245lbs
Hair: Short, jet Black
Eyes: Blue-grey

A mountain of a man, Steele is huge, heavily muscled with broad shoulders, powerful arms and a barrel chest. Despite his imposing size and stern, serious expression he carries a handsome face. Steel wears a beaten suit of masterwork full plate armour and carries a battle-worn greatsword full of notches from many battles.
Steele is not above using his size and statue to try and intimidate others into obedience when he feels it necessary.


Basic Personality: Proud, violent, head-strong. The red haze of battle is when Steele is in his element.

Motivations: Glory, honour, beautiful women, riches (in that order).

Who do you value the most?
My own skill and courage. The strength in the steel of the greastsword in my grip. A brave and skilled warrior by my side, whom I’ve shed blood with before is the only person I can trust.

What do you value the most?
Honour and Glory – Battle is a true warrior’s sworn duty. Glorious death in battle is the only path of a true swordsman.

Only the strong survive in this world. Most people lack honour and are untrustworthy. It’s fine to protect the weak and innocent, but people must learn to stand up for themselves, lest they be slaves. So be careful who you depend on as not everyone has the strength or conviction to do what must be done.

Who are your parents?
The man who raised me was named Herod, Weapons Master of Clan Aesir. His wife Ingrid, was a simple but kind woman. However I am not truly of their blood, I was found in the wilderness as a babe. These people raised me until I was 6 years old and taken into my “kin-co” (a unit of 40 men who live, train and fight together as well as train a group of youngsters) to be trained as a true warrior of the Clan.

Do you have any siblings or children?

Are any of your relations dead?
Yes, my adoptive father died in a great battle when I was 20. He died an honourable warriors death being cut down in battle having sold his life dearly indeed. I do not know of the after of my adoptive mother.

Do you have any education?
Yes. I was trained how to fight, in the arts of battle, how to ride, hunt and drink by my Clan-brothers. Everything else I needed to know to survive I have learnt the hard way – on the road of life.

Have you served any masters?
Yes, I served the Lord of my Clan as a warrior since I came of age at 13. I was made a slave at 20 and served a greedy, cruel, coward of a man as a gladiator for 4 years – but never again. I fought in the crusading legions of Varna for a year. I now serve only myself and bow to no man but the will of the god-spirits of war.

What do you fear most?
Dishonour – a common, un-worthy peasant’s death (by disease or old age).

Steele would never voice this opinion, but he believes himself to be the embodiment of one of the god-spirits of battle that he occasionally offers prayer to, not a god as such, but imbued with the power and spirit of battle.

Lesser Aims:
- Live to see the next dawn.
- Gain riches enough to secure new/better weapons and passage to new, foreign lands.
- Find worthy foes to defeat in battle.
- Gain greater skill in battle so as to be the best warrior I can be.
- Lead a company of warriors to battle against a worthy foe.

Greater Aims:
- See more of the world and learn more of other places and peoples.
- Gain honour and glory in battle so that tales and songs are told of my deeds.
- Become the greatest swordsman of the age and die in glorious battle to be remembered in tales and songs as a great warrior.


On a lonely wind-swept hillside lay a naked baby on a huge slab of stone. It was not uncommon in the rugged lands of the Seven Clans for a child to be left to its fate in such a way. After all, the Seven Clans of the region were in a constant state of war. This made for a cold, brutal, tough and un-yielding people. If a child was born weak, deformed or sickly, or if a mother or family simply couldn’t feed or didn’t want the child, it would be ritually be left out on a forlorn hillside to die from the elements and eventually be eaten by the beasts of the wild.

And so there the baby lay, crying… but the baby did not die.

Steele’s earliest memories were of laying under a grey, cloud-streaked sky. A great eagle stood over him… a razor sharp, hooked beak, eyes shinning in the dying light. This was a spirit of the gods of battle – and he was their scion.

Steele was later found and taken in by Herod and Ingrid of Clan Aesir. Herod being an honored Weapons Master decided the boy would make a warrior when, at age 6 he managed to fight off a starving wolf that had invaded the family home while Herord had been away fighting. He was inducted into the Clan’s ninth “kin-co” – a cohort of warriors who would be his teachers, friends and battle brothers.

As the winters passed and Steel grew into a young man, he proved to be an excellent student and a powerful warrior indeed. At the age of 20 the Aesir were engaged in a bloody campaign against their hated neighbors, the Ravvenholt Clan. During one engagement Steele’s company was ambushed and virtually wiped out, only Steele and three of his kinsmen survived having been knocked out and captured by the enemy.

The prisoners were sold off by their enemies to foreign kingdoms – Steele to a rich merchant named Amir Kordava of the eastern Empire of Koth. Koth arrogantly held itself to be the very height of civilization, however in truth they were a wicked and greedy people, an empire which was built off the backs of slaves and by raiding and stealing the wealth and knowledge of other lands. The powerful noble lords of Koth were also known for their worship of dark gods and practice of foul sorceries.

For four years Steele was forced to fight in a regional gladiatorial area for the entertainment of the lazy, debaucherous upper classes of the Empire of Koth. He won his master great wealthy, until finally he was promised his freedom. However the day of his freedom never came. In the end Steele broke his bonds, escaped from his cell and fled into the night with nothing but a stolen sword and a loincloth for possessions, but not before strangling his slave-master to death with the manacles he’d used to keep Steele imprisoned for all those years.

This time he traveled south, selling his skill with the blade where he could and stealing where he could not. Finally he made his way to the city of Varna. This religious city-state was engaged in a bitter war with the Shaddar, a race of men who’d sworn allegiance to powerful demons centuries ago for magical power and immortality. The Varna were now on the losing side of the war and so were badly in need of skilled warriors. Having no better job opportunities available, Steele signed up and was soon placed in the elite vanguard of Varna’s crusading army. There he served as a front-line soldier and was a valued for his ferocity in combat. Few knew of his past or his race of people, but many were glad to have him on their side.

At the culmination of a year-long campaign, Steele had earned enough wealth to finally be independent. The city of Varna fell to the Shaddar and, taking his leave of the army, Steele set off once again for lands further south.


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