Heart of Evil

The adventure so far.
the beginning

The story begins in the Castle Town of Tristar where due to the shortage of military personal the individual party members have responded to flyers asking for adventurers to support the Royal Guard.

The party is summoned to a meeting with Knight-Captain Bailen Velier of the Royal Guard. Bailen requests, since most of the military have been sent all over the world leaving only the Royal Guard protecting the Nobel Quarter of Tristar and the City Guard protecting the rest of the city and nearby countryside, that the party head to the Northern Caverns (an underwater cavern connecting the Kingdom of Tristar with the Kingdom of Durringam) as they have lost word from the guards presence there.

The party arrives at the cavern to find the guards missing. Upon further inspection it appeared as the guards at the entrancehad rushed deeper into the cavern in haste with one having left half his meal behind.

Traveling deeping into the cavern in search of answers the party stumbles upon a group of 20+ mites, which the party dispatched of quickly. Leaving one alive they questioned it only to learn that they are in the service of a “Lord Zarask” and that he had several Lizardmen as minions. After getting all they would from the mite Steele smashed its head against a wall.

Upon getting to the half way point of the cavern the party finds the large steel door shut and locked on both sides, the party leaves the door locked as to prevent anyone or anything to pass through. They then return to the Tristar guards barracks a short way back in the tunnel which also connects to a shared armory with Durringam.

In the barracks the group finds several Lizardmen which they kill and question. Continueing to the armory Logan decides to sneak up to the door and listen in, he hears a man speaking with Lizardmen within, he decides to go in and talk with them. ThorQeek decided he would also try to get closer, only to be percieved by the Lizardmen inside the room, fighting followed and the party emerged victorious, they attempted to question Zarask whom took his own life.

Looking inside the locked store of the armory the party finds a young cleric cuffed to the wall, upon freeing her she reveiled that her name was Astra Delora Tior, a cleric of the Elder Goddess of Light, Gaia, and that Zarask was a Fighter in the service of The Church of Chaos, worshippers of the Elder God of Darkness, Chaos. Astra also told the party that she was on a journey to Tristar as many of her church make upon coming of age.

With Astra joining them the party continues through the cavern and opens the door allowing their mounts to come through so they could journey on the Durringam guard post at the other entrance of the cavern, once again they find no one, believing their quest to be complete they return to Tristar to report what had transpired.


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